Academic programme

English section:

Section 7: Elections and Democracy

Chair: Bozóki András (CEU)


Panel no. 19.: Elections and Democracy Saturday, 9:00 – 10:30 PTI körtárgyaló)

Tóka Gábor (CEU): How (Not) to Forecast Single-Member District Election Results

Enyedi Zsolt (CEU), Mihail Chiru: When do experts trump politicians? Attitudes towards technocracy in nine European and Latin American democracies

Wineroither David (MTA TK PTI): Leaders of their Families? Explaining Presidential Style Parties

Hegedűs István (Magyarországi Európa Társaság): Hard Populism, Radicalised Political Communication, Politics of Fear: Towards a New Phase of the Orbán-regime?

Bartha Attila (MTA TK PTI): Deviation Again? Understanding Populism in Central Eastern European Development of Capitalism and Democracy


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